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xodul is now at chessvariants.com

postby silvia_mgr » thursday, 31 may, 2018 9:59 pm

Xodul game is now at http://chessvariants.com/invention/xodul.

The introduction section reads:
Xodul is a tactical and strategy game invented by Sílvia M.G. Rodrigues, which is a variant of chess. This game is inspired on international chess, chinese chess (xiang-qi), and japanese chess (shogi).

In particular, xodul has 10 different pieces from each other: car, knight, bishop, queen, king, wizard, guard, lance, cannon and pawns. One of the particularities of this game is that the promotion of pawns can be made accordingly to a different rule: a piece captured by one of the players can return to the game by the promotion of one of the pawns; therefore, the pieces can change their colour.

Let's publish the xodul game! :like:
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